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While life sciences innovation has delivered significant improvement in patient outcomes, the costs and time to develop new products continues to rise while the commercial success of these products has become more elusive.  R&D organizations need to become more cost effective in how they develop new products while also increasing the value of these products through stronger evidence, especially in the real world.

New (Real World) Evidence is Required

The evidence now required to support a pharmaceutical brand is becoming far more complex. Because pharmaceutical companies need to further prove to payers, physicians, and patients the value of their therapies, they need to create a more comprehensive strategy for developing evidence throughout the lifecycle of the brand, not just during clinical trials, but in the real world as well.

Clinical Trials are Expensive

About 80% of clinical trials either fail to meet or miss their milestones, while the complexity of trials continues to increase. The net result is an ever-increasing cost of development, with an average of $2-plus billion spent on the development cost of each asset. Trying to ensure that trials are operational and efficient in execution is essential to controlling costs, while also making sure new therapies are commercialized sooner.

Investment in New Technology and Analytics is Unrealized

While companies are investing in technology and analytics, these investments haven’t always produced the results expected – requiring pharmaceutical companies to look for new ways to improve the impact of this technology and new data in driving efficiency and value.

Pick Up the Pace on Patient Centricity


Four Pillars to Achieve Patient Centricity


Bringing business impact to the science of R&D

Lifecycle Evidence Strategy

Based on a deep understanding of payers, physicians, and patients, ZS helps clients generate the evidence required to articulate and support product value to various stakeholders. This includes the design of clinical trials, but also generating real-world evidence continuously throughout its lifecycle to demonstrate the effectiveness and value of the drug.

Clinical Trial Analytics

ZS brings cross-functional stakeholders together to focus on analytics which will reduce costs, risks and time associated with clinical trial design, planning and execution.  ZS helps clients optimize the feasibility of trials, assess site readiness, predict key drivers of site success, forecast patient enrollment and improve the likelihood that the trial will deliver the required evidence at the lowest cost.

Medical Affairs

ZS draws on proven methodologies, frameworks and deep analytics to design strategies and processes to improve resource planning, tackle tough departmental issues, and introduce new feedback mechanisms and KPIs that drive growth in the medical affairs space. In addition to assessing the internal needs across stakeholders within medical affairs, commercial, development, compliance and HR departments, ZS also leverages voice of the customer market research to gather feedback from customers about their own needs and MSLs’ effectiveness.

Clinical & Real-World Data Science

ZS helps companies use real-world data in a way that’s meaningful, scalable and actionable. By bringing together structured and unstructured data from across both primary sources (e.g., case report forms, electronic medical and health records, observational studies, patient registries and health surveys) and secondary sources (e.g., clinical chart reviews, registries, insurance claims databases, etc.), ZS can easily integrate and analyze the information to generate meaningful insights that improve the design and execution of studies and prove the value of their therapies.

R&D Intelligence Platforms

ZS eliminates the need for organizations to build the infrastructure to collect, standardize, analyze and visualize data. Bringing together technology and analytic capabilities, ZS helps to maximize the value of the real world evidence and optimize the execution of clinical trials – allowing you to increase business impact at a lower investment cost.

Pick Up the Pace on Patient Centricity


Four Pillars to Achieve Patient Centricity


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Pick Up the Pace on Patient Centricity


Four Pillars to Achieve Patient Centricity